Around Town with Little Miss Party!

A few months ago, I convinced some amazing people to spill the beans on their favorite urban haunts. Places that they love to hang both with and with out the kids. Unfortunately, the publication of the interviews kept getting pushed aside because, y’know…life! That actually sounds really glib. I had to shut down the old Mama411, start a new job, and find a new place to live. So that’s my sob story! Is there an emoji somewhere of a tiny violin? I’m just really glad that I finally have the opportunity to start publishing those interviews here.

Seri & Michelle of Little Miss Party seemed like the perfect pair to kick off the series. That’s because I am up to my eyeballs in planning birthday parties and get togethers this summer. They have these beautiful and idiot proof  party-in-a-box kits for everything from kids birthday parties to bridal showers. Many of the kits include entertaining essentials that you’ll hang onto forever, and all of them come with instructions that detail how to pull it all together. These kits are absolute life savers for anybody who wants to host a beautiful event, but may not have the time to get it together on their own. I’m pretty sure that includes…everybody.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s where you can find Seri & Michelle in their hometown of NYC. (Michelle has since jumped ship to Long Island, but we’ll turn a blind eye to her traitorous defection!)

Eat: Dim Sum Go Go
See: Star Wars Exhibit
Shop: Brookfield Place
Do: Ice Skating on the Highline **It’s an Amalfi Coast-inspired Italian piazza right now! Order a couple of pizzas for the kids, and grab a cocktail under the lemon trees.
Play: The Children’s Museum of Manhattan
Hidden gem: The Comedy Cellar.  Such a GREAT spot for adults to have a night out…there’s almost always a surprise guest!

P.S. Follow Little Miss Party on Instagram if you like glitter, balloons and amazing birthday cakes.

Image via Little Miss Party.



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