24 Hours in NYC: Holiday Edition!

Yesterday, I did something completely unprecedented. I took the day off from work to indulge my seven year old in twenty-fours of holiday cheer. Just the two of us, doing pretty much anything he wanted. And you know what? It was fun! I might let him run the show more often. Here’s how Lucas decided to spend the day. 🙂

Barking Dog Brunch: Hot chocolate with whipped cream. Belgian waffles. And then he stole some of my turkey sausage.

A Walk Across Central Park: We walked the reservoir to Central Park West where we ran smack into the B train which was perfect for taking us straight to Bryant Park.

Ice Skating at Bryant Park:  First, I gave them all of my money. That’s how much it cost. Then we pulled on our skates, waited for the  Zamboni to clear the ice, and spent two hours awkwardly shuffling across what is probably the city’s most picturesque ice skating rink. Lucas had a blast, and I did too.

P.S. Pick up one of those penguin things that kids can grip instead of you. It’s gonna cost you another twenty bucks, but it’s worth it. Unless you prefer playing the part of a stooped over penguin which will inevitably result in back pain, or a face plant on the ice. Then keep your $20.

Pigging out in the Winter Village: Bryant Park has thoughtfully allowed every delicious food vendor in the city to set up shop in the circle surrounding the ice skating rink. You’ll find plenty of savory fare like empanadas and pizza, but I’m pretty sure we mostly ate donuts, and soft pretzels. I told you. Lucas was in charge.

Overlook Cafe: It’s not actually a cafe. It’s a warm enclosure overlooking the rink where Lucas and I plotted our next move which was to the check out holiday windows. Except he was hungry. (Seriously, Lucas???) So I found a place called Lazarra’s Pizza Cafe right near Macy’s, but….do you know what we found on the way to pizza place?

Shake Shack. Right next to Macy’s! It was a Danny Meyer miracle!!! Two cheeseburgers and a root beer later, we were back in business.

2016 Holiday Window Itinerary. Here’s the thing. Macy’s seems far from the rest of the action, but it really isn’t. It’s roughly a five minute walk over to Fifth, so don’t be lame.

  • Macy’s, 34th and 7th Ave. Super fun.
  • Lord & Taylor, 39th and Fifth. Totally great.
  • Saks Fifth Avenue, 49th and Fifth. Epic. DO NOT MISS!
  • Rockefeller Center Tree, 49th and Fifth Ave. Lucas wanted to get up close. I wanted to kill myself, but I let him drag me through the crowds. And you know what? He was right about getting super close, and I was wrong. The tree is awesome, and the crowds were really gracious about clearing the way for kids.
  • Tiffany, 57th and Fifth. Eh. Skip.
  • Bergdorf, 58th on Fifth. Always so lovely – and this year was too. Just don’t go in expecting animatronics. They keep it old school, but the overall effect is so, so beautiful.
  • Barneys, 61st & Madison. One of my favorites last year. Unfortunately, this year, the windows really left me wanting. One window featured the South Park Kids. The rest featured artists like Nick Cave. A little amusing here and there, but we could have easily skipped.
  • Bloomingdales, 59th and Lex. We trekked east because it was our last stop before jumping on the subway to go home. Again, we were underwhelmed. Like Barneys, they had artists create the windows. Love that the pieces will be auctioned on Charity Buzz, but totally hit or miss. If you’re in the neighborhood, fine – but again, skippable.

When we got home, we were both so tired that we could barely move. My feet, my legs, my everything hurt. Also, I could see Lucas was not just tired. He was most certainly coming down with a bad cold. After tucking him in, I realized I was sick too. No regrets though. Lucas called our day magical, gave me a big hug, and collapsed into bed  half an hour later.

We are still recovering this morning with coffee and hot chocolate. Wishing you and yours a Happy Holiday + Happy New Year!!!!


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