The future of Mama411…

When we shut down Mama411, I held on to the domain with the idea that I would keep writing here as a side project. That is not happening. Obviously, I figured that out many moons ago. The reason I’m still holding the domain is that a friend who worked on Mama411 has been kicking around an idea for a new site that uses the domain/logo/etc.

Even if that new site doesn’t launch, I am a little concerned about what goes up on Mama411 after I let the domain go. It’s been suggested that my name is so closely associated with Mama411 that it might be a problem if…say…mom porn made an appearance on this url.

Anyway, there’s a chance you’ll see a whole new product here that I have ZERO TO DO WITH next year. There’s also a chance you’ll just see one of those blank domain registration notices in a few months too. There is a 100% likelihood I will never be posting on here again moving forward.

Feel free to contact me if you’re interested in the domain. If my friend isn’t going to use it, I am offering it for the low-low-low price of  $5MM USD.

Reasonable, right?

XO, Sari


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